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  string(19) "2016-11-06 19:43:39"
  string(19) "2016-11-06 19:43:39"
  string(265) "With ~12% THC & CBD and flowers the color of a midnight sky, this sativa hybrid will leave you relaxed yet clear-headed and functional. This 1:1 strain is great for those new to cannabis, as well as seasoned consumers who want a balanced effect for daytime use."
  string(8) "Midnight"
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  string(6) "closed"
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  string(8) "midnight"
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  string(19) "2019-11-06 20:41:27"
  string(19) "2019-11-06 20:41:27"
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  string(56) "http://mhcdev.net/tikunFull/?post_type=strain&p=241"
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