• Where are Tikun products available?
    • Our products are currently available in Delaware, California, and Florida. Check out our locations page to find a dispensary carrying Tikun.

  • Do you sell your products online or ship internationally?
    • Unfortunately, due to federal regulation, we cannot sell our cannabis-derived products online nor ship across state or country lines. All Tikun strains, including Avidekel, must be purchased in either DE, FL, or CA dispensaries. Our hemp-derived CBD products, however, are available for online purchase on our sister site.

  • Are you hiring?
  • How do I invest in stock?
    • We are currently a privately held company and not listed on any stock exchange. We appreciate your interest though!

  • Why does my vape cartridge look like it's under-filled?
    • Our Jupiter CCELL cartridges contain a ceramic wick atomizer which absorbs liquids well and is larger than most. After the cartridge is filled, the ceramic atomizer inside absorbs liquid over time, priming it for use. Oil is still in the cartridge, it’s simply been absorbed within the atomizer out of view. Up to 30% of a .5g cartridge can be absorbed, resulting in headspace. Rest assured, it’s a full cartridge.

  • How do you determine your prices?
    • Our prices are a reflection of the more than ten years of research backing our strains and the expert care we put in to cultivating our plants and manufacturing our products. We’ve taken great measures to ensure our heirloom strains maintain their genetic integrity (matching those tied to our research). Additionally, our strains have been bred to provide maximal therapeutic benefit – not to have the highest yield – and thus, our low-yielding plants means we need more growhouse space to produce our products. These factors all effect our prices and we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with the quality of medicine you receive.

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