Sativa & Indica

Cannabis indica and cannabis sativa are the two species of the cannabis plant that are cultivated for commercial use. A third species of cannabis, ruderalis, grows feral in the Caucus mountains and is not typically cultivated for human consumption.

Most cannabis strains found in dispensaries are not true indicas or sativas but an interbreeding of the two plants, resulting in hybrid strains. However, strains tend to be indica or sativa dominant and are usually labeled as such depending on state regulations.

Indicas are known for their sedating and deeply relaxing effects felt throughout the body. Because of their sleep-inducing qualities, indicas tend to be favored for nighttime. They may help relieve symptoms like inflammatory or chronic pain, menstrual cramps, digestive disturbances, insomnia, and nausea. For many patients suffering from cancer or chronic pain, indicas can provide powerful relief allowing for increased mobility, functionality and appetite stimulation.

Tikun offers several indica dominant strains such as:

Eran Almog, Soothing, Comforting, Restful
A high-THC strain best for nighttime relief

Erez, Serene, Calming, Sedating
A high-THC strain best for nighttime relief

Or, Relaxing,Tranquil, Carefree
A high-THC strain best for nighttime relief

And our star strain:

Avidekel, Energizing, Harmonizing, Stabilizing
A unique, high-CBD, indica dominant strain suitable for day and night care

Sativas are favored for daytime use because they have an uplifting and energizing effect, felt in the mind, brain and body. They can help relieve depression, mood disorders, fatigue, ADD, and inflammatory pain. Sativas can also stimulate the mind towards creativity, productivity, and an overall feeling of well-being. Because of the mental clarity that sativa provides, it is perfect for daytime relief and often helps patients get through work with minimal symptoms.

Tikun has two sativa-dominant strains:

Midnight, Equalizing, Calming, Creative
A 1:1, CBD:THC strain perfect for daytime and nighttime use.

Alaska, Invigorating, Stimulating, Elevating
A high-THC strain perfect for daytime use.

Hybrids tend to strike a balance between the two, and are favored for daytime or evening use because they contain a blend of Indica and Sativa. However, many indica-dominant strains produce the sleep-inducing effect of their namesake. Hybrids that have slightly more Indica will be felt predominantly in the body relieving physical pain relief while still boosting energy and creating uplifting effects. A Sativa dominant hybrid will give you more relief from emotions, moods, and conditions of the mind while still giving you calming physical balance and pain relief in your body.

Each hybrid strain has a different percentage ratio of indica and sativa, so as you get to know what works best for you, try out different hybrids. Figure out what ratio of indica to sativa works best for you, and reap the benefits of each.

Beyond the plant species, terpenes have an enormous effect on whether a strain feels refreshing or relaxing. Terpenes like pinene and limonene are known to perk up the nose and the mind with strong aromas. Strong notes of citrus in the bouquet of the cannabis flower often denote a wakeful strain.

Cannabis strain names are created by the cultivator and grower to distinguish the genetics and uniqueness of their plants. At Tikun we pride ourselves on the reliability, consistency and transparency of our strains. Our company was founded in Israel in 2005 and since then we have been dedicated to creating superior quality strains you can trust. We are the only company that grows our own proprietary strains and uses scientific research and development to tailor our cannabis for specific benefits, so that when you purchase a TIKUN strain you can depend on getting exactly what you are looking for.