Overcoming the Bell-Shaped Dose-Response of Cannabidiol by Using Cannabis Extract Enriched in Cannabidiol

Pharmacology & Pharmacy, 2024

This laboratory study was conducted on rodents to examine the effect of full-plant cannabis extract on inflammation and pain, in comparison with isolated CBD and commercial anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive drugs. Isolated CBD has been shown to have a bell-shaped dose-response, where healing is only observed within a very limited dose range, with no additional beneficial effect achieved at lower or higher doses. This trait of purified CBD poses challenges to clinical use; thus, this study aimed to find a CBD source that eliminates the bell-shaped dose response – and succeeded with Avidekel.

Key Results:

  • The full-plant extract of Avidekel, which is high in CBD and low in THC, provided a correlative anti-inflammatory and anti-pain dose-response (i.e. as the dose was increased, the pain and inflammation decreased in correlation), superior to the bell-shaped dose-response of isolated CBD, which exhibited less consistent anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties at lower and higher doses

  • Avidekel extract exhibited superior anti-inflammatory effectiveness compared to tramadol (an opioid analgesic) and aspirin (a non-steroid anti-inflammatory)