Real Life Experience of Medical Cannabis with Autism: Analysis of Safety and Efficacy

Scientific Reports, 2024

This observational study assessed the safety and efficacy of medical cannabis for the treatment of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), analyzing the change in symptoms after six months of using our CBD-rich cannabis oil.

Key Results:

  • 90.2% of patients reported an improvement in symptoms after six months treatment

  • Symptoms improved included depression (100%), restlessness (89.8%), rage attacks (89%), anxiety (88.8%), seizures (84.6%), agitation (83.8%), tics (80%), digestion problems (62.5%), constipation (62.5%), sleep problems (58.6%), and more

  • Good quality of life was indicated by 31.1% of patients at intake; at six months, QOL increased to 66.8%

  • Patients reported improvement in sleep, positive mood, and ability to dress and shower independently

  • 34.3% of patients decreased medication consumption, including antipsychotics, antiepileptics, antidepressants, hypnotics, and sedatives

  • 20% of patients stopped taking antipsychotics

  • Cannabis appears to be a well-tolerated, safe and effective option to relieve ASD symptoms