Treatment of Crohn’s Disease with Cannabis: An Observational Study

The Israel Medical Association Journal, 2024

This retrospective study observed cannabis as treatment for Crohn’s Disease and found that cannabis use resulted in significant positive effects on the symptoms of the disease (number of bowel movements, quality of bowel activity, abdominal pain, and other complications).

Key Results:

  • 21 of the 30 patients improved significantly with cannabis treatment

  • The average Harvey Bradshaw Index improved from 14 +/- 6.7 to 7 +/- 4.7 (P<.001); the index measures general well-being, abdominal pain, number of liquid stools per day, abdominal mass, and related complications

  • The mean number of bowel movements decreased from 8 to 5 per day

  • The need for other medication was significantly reduced; most notably, the number of patients needing steroid treatment reduced from 26 to 4